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As a result of ETX Capital’s FCA regulation the spreadbetting/ CFD broker does not offer any Welcome bonus for new customers. Instead ETX Capital offers low spreads down to 0,6 pips and the FCA ensured up to £50.000.

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The Internet is full of CFD and spread betting brokers who offer to help you invest and leverage you capital in order to trade the markets. Many brokers are great, and a good way to trade; but some are not that good and should be left alone. ETX Capital is a good spread-betting broker, and as a UK-based broker the level of regulation and insurance is excellent should anything go wrong. So if you intend to start trading stocks, forex or commodities and prefer a well-proven English broker, ETX Capital is a fine choice.

The Financial Conduct Authority regulates ETX Capital.

Registering with ETX Capital

When registering with ETX Capital you will have to fill out the registration form and enter your personal details. After signing up to ETX Capital, they will assist you in the necessary processes and make sure that you will be able to trade at ETX Capital a.s.a.p.

If you want to try the free version of ETX Capital before deciding whether to stick to that broker or find another more suitable one, you can start out by registering for the ETX Capital demo version, and “trade” for free. Furthermore, ETX Capital advise you to give them a call to their customer support team if you have any questions, or are not sure whether ETX Capital is the right site for you. You can call them for free on 0800 138 4582.

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ETX trading markets

ETX Capital is a UK spread betting, CFD and binary options company that offers a large range of investment possibilities within Contract for Difference (CFD) and spread betting. You can trade on forex, commodity, indices or equities on ETX Capital.

ETX Capital forex spreads

One of the most important aspects of choosing the right CFD broker is finding a broker that is trustworthy and, not least, gives you your money’s worth. Since the key and dominant payment form from a customer to a CFD broker is the difference between the buying and selling of a currency, commodity, indices or equities (the spread) it is important to know the broker’s spread.

ETX Capital’s key spread for currencies (forex) is listed below:

ETX Capital mobile trading

The ETX Capital mobile trading app is available for all those customers who like to be able to trade CFDs and spread-bet whenever and wherever they want. This ETX Capital mobile app can be downloaded to your iPhone or Android phone, and will make your trading experience quicker, and make it easier to get an overview of the market and your trades.

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If you are not sure whether CFDs and spread betting is the right trading form for you, a demo account might be a good idea. A ETX Capital demo account will give you the right feel of the ETX Capital platform and how it works. A demo account is a free account where you can invest on the market for play money rather than real money. If you are interested in a demo account you can call ETX Capital’s customer support team on the ETX Capital freephone on 0800 138 4582, and ask them for a demo account.


ETX Capital bonus terms and conditions

Before receiving a bonus it is always a good idea to read the terms and conditions that go with the bonus or promotion. A bonus is extra payment in order to attract customers to the broker, and is almost always in favour of the customer. However, to make sure that you have understood the bonus conditions correctly, always read the terms attached to the bonus that you want to receive.

ETX Capital is a broker to be trusted, but in order to avoid any misunderstandings with the broker please read the terms and conditions for the ETX Capital bonus.


ETX Capital bonus review

ETX Capital is one of the leading CFD and spread betting brokers online and one of the preferred brokers of some of the markets leading day traders. The spreads are not the best on the market but the system is easy to use and works. While eToro and Plus500 are great brokers for the rookies ETX Capital is an excellent broker for both amateurs and professionals. The great FCA regulation is a key selling point in itself.

Contacting ETX Capital

You can contact ETX Capital over the phone or via email. As with everything else about ETX Capital, everything is relatively smooth and professional.

ETX Capital UK

For new accounts:

  • Freephone on: 0800 138 4582 ; or international on + 44 (0) 20 7392 1486
  • Email:
  • Office hours: London time, Monday 07:30–Friday 21:00