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Register now at AvaTrade and use the exclusive AvaTrade promotional offer exclusive to users of gnier.net, that will get you a up to $14,000 bonus on your first-time deposit at AvaTrade.com.

AvaTrade bonus code/ AvaTrade promotional code:
No code needed; just follow this link.

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Deposit (USD, EUR, GBP or AUD) AvaTrade Bonus (USD, EUR, GBP or AUD)
100-299 35
300-499 100
500-999 175
1,000-1,999 350
2,000-2,999 700
3,000-4,999 1,000
5,000-9,999 1,750
10,000-19,999 3,500
20,000-39,999 7,000
40,000+ 14,000

Maximum bonus is 14,000

This promotion is available to USD, EUR, AUD and GBP base currency accounts.

Internet forex- and CFD trading has made it much easier to invest and trade in almost anything from almost anywhere. Not so long ago, trading CFDs and forex was limited only to the few with big pockets and a direct pipeline to a broker in the city. Today, thanks to the Internet, many a good broker has made it possible for everybody to try trading online. Irish Avatrade is one of the very good brokers out there that has made it easy, and quite cheap in transaction costs, to trade CFDs online. AvaTrade has won nine industry awards since 2009.

Avatrade Bonus Code: No bonus code needed (when using our links).

Avatrade has agreed to offer its users an exclusive and unique excellent bonus to users of Forexbonuscodes.co.uk . Avatrade is one of our preferred brokers, since they have no trading costs and low spreads (the difference between the buying and selling rates) combined with the fact that Ava Trade is a trusted CFD broker with 200+ different trading possibilities.

Please keep in mind that you have to use the links on the bonuscodeforex.co.uk website in order to take advantage of the exclusive up to $14,000 bonus when making a first-time deposit to AvaTrade.

AvaTrade bonus requirements

Bonuses are applied to your first deposit as a new AvaTrade customer during the promotion period, and will not apply for auto-trading or floating spread accounts. Furthermore, the bonuses are not valid in conjunction with any other AvaTrade promotional offer.

Bonus will be credited to your account after all identification documents are verified. In order to withdraw your bonus, you will be required to execute a volume of 0.01 position for each bonus dollar within 12 months before withdrawing your bonus. Profit can be withdrawn at any point. If you fail to trade the required amounts within the given time period, your bonus will be cancelled and removed from your account.

It is with much regret that we announce that clients from the following countries are eligible for bonus only if deposits are made by wire transfer: Vietnam, Pakistan, Egypt, Bangladesh, Iran, Malaysia and Thailand.

AvaTrade Bonus Code

AvaTrade bonus code – invest responsibly

The unique and generous 35% bonus for a first-time deposit of up to $14,000 when using our links is a fabulous offer, and makes it possible for you to have more money in the account in order to make more and heavier investments. But even though it is recommended that you take advantage of the bonus offers in order to increase the possibilities of increasing earnings or reducing losses, it is important to underline that the key to success when trading forex, CFDs and ETFs is knowledge, so you need to avoid greed and be disciplined.

AVA Trade EU Ltd is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland – Licence Number C53877

AvaTrade – a very good choice of an online CFD broker

If you are looking for a good and trusted CFD broker as a platform for trading CFDs or forex, stocks, indexes or commodities, AvaTrade is a very good choice. AvaTrade earn their money on their spread, and profit from your success. Unlike a bookie that earns money every time you lose money, AvaTrade will cheer when you succeed rather than cheering when you lose money. AvaTrade is a good and solid choice for beginners as well as experienced traders. All you have to do is to sign up using one of the links from gnier.net; deposit funds; and start trading.

In order to receive the unique bonus you need to be sure that AvaTrade can see that you have been directed from this website. If you have been visiting AvaTrade or have been directed to AvaTrade before from another website without signing up to AvaTrade, you will need to clear the cache on your computer before using one of the links on this website. (It takes no more than a few seconds.)

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About AvaTrade

AvaTrade has been on the online trading market since 2006, where Emanuel Kronitz created the company in Dublin, Ireland, with the goal of providing the supreme online trading experience.

AvaTrade has in a few years gone from a very small CFD trader to becoming a hugely successful trading broker. Today AvaTrade has more than 20,000 registered traders who make about 2 million trades a month, with a trading volume of more than $60 billion per month.

The platform is suitable for experienced traders as well as newcomers, with just the right mix of user-friendliness and sophisticated trading tools.

AvaTrade is regulated by the Irish Financial Regulator under the firm reference number C53877.

AvaTrade mobile trading

AvaTrade has created an app that makes it possible for you to trade CFDs whenever and wherever you want to. With the smartphone and iPad app, you have the tool to start trading AvaTrade for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. With the new AvaTrade app you get a free download, the option to choose from MetaTrader 4 and AvaTrader apps, and the possibility of trading more than 200 CFD and forex instruments from your smartphone or tablet.

AvaTrade support

AvaTrade and AvaForex have 24-hour multilingual support desks, which creates an optimal trading environment for traders from the amateur to the seasoned pro. Furthermore, AvaTrade has offices and sales centres in Dublin (HQ), New York, Paris, Milan, Sydney and Tokyo.